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          (N8)Ni Determine Liquid

          (N8)Ni Determine Liquid
          • (N8)Ni Determine Liquid
          • Product Details:
          • Product Name: (N8)Ni Determine Liquid
          • Product Model: SSDL-N8
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          Product Description

          Product Background: Stainless steel has been widely used in many areas because of many excellent properties. Stainless steel has many models, it has big differences in performance、 usage and price, however, it is difficult to identify in appearance. To identify materials, the conventional means is to use spectroscopy or sent to a laboratory to do chemical analysis. But there are also some disadvantages. The former is mainly in the high cost of purchasing, a large number of users can not afford; the latter there is the portability and timeliness issues, not suitable for on-site rapid testing and high-volume sorting test. Based on the above background, our company's R&D team developed a series of stainless steel rapid testing reagents, a good solution to the shortcomings of existing technology.
          Product Theory: This product is based on chemical analysis. With the battery power, the surface of the materials occur oxidation. We use the suitable control technology, so the measured element and reagent generate the colored complex compound, skillfully realized rapid determination of metal elements in stainless steel.
          Product Use: The product is through testing the nickel content of stainless steel to differentiate materials. Usually it used in the testing of stainless steel which nickel content ≥ 7.5%, for example 304 etc.
          Product Features: Rapid testing、 low cost、 obvious effect、 easy carry、 non-destructive testing、 easy operate. In on-site rapid testing of stainless steel、 sorting of stainless steel scrap、 recycling and reuse, it has irreplaceable role.
          Method of Using: Drop a glob of determine liquid on the surface of material, The positive electrode of 9v battery is connected to steel, the negative electrode is connected to the liquid surface, switch on power and keep reacting for 5 seconds, and then switch off the battery. If the liquid turns in claret red, it indicates that content of nickel ≥ 7.5%; If the liquid turns in colorless or light yellow, it indicates that content of nickel < 7.5%.
          1、Cleaning the dust、dirty、oil or moisture on the surface of material.
          2、Drop the determine liquid on the material, about 3mm will be the best.( the negative electrode must not touch steel, the battery must have enough power)
          3、This product has the slight corrosiveness, if skin is contacted by the liquid, rinse at once by water.
          4、When using the determine liquid, please be sure not to exchange the cap of bottle, and cover cap after using, in case the liquid lose the function.
          5、The spot of steel which already be tested, should not used as test spot again or you must clean this place. And the negative electrode wire should also be cleaned before used again, to avoid interference.
          Liability: The manufacturer and its authorized agents are free from any liabilities due to taking by accident of children and misunderstanding or misuse of the users. If nickel contamination is suspected based on this test, consult an analytical testing laboratory and take the necessary precautions.
          Appearance: Watery liquid.
          Package of the Product: LDPE bottle.
          Specifications: 10ml
          Product standard:QB-TCS-SSDL-2007
          Validity: 1 year
          Store: Store in the cool and keep away from child. (It is better to store in freezer.)
          Website: http://www.xianjiny.com